Set Visible Milestones

Set Visible Milestones Visionaries are a strange breed as are entrepreneurs driven by passion. I’ve witnessed many brilliant folks who truly had game-changing visions. When they embarked out on their own I was prepared to witness an explosion in growth and massive success. Instead, I often discovered discouragement, enhanced stress, and ultimate demise of their organization. This is not an isolated observance which seems counter-intuitive to the thought that great ideas build great companies. Reflection is an amazingly powerful tool, […]

Are We Selling Ice?

Are we selling ice? This will likely be one of my shortest posts ever – and any that know me and my roots will be amazed at my brevity. 🙂 As we approach the end of the month I am having a moment of introspection.  As you recall from previous posts it’s a time where I review the company’s performance and make adjustments for the future;  I have been considering the business landscape and what unique value the company, and […]

Get a Clear Vision 1

Get a Clear Vision After writing about a Silver Bullet in “What Makes a New Product Successful”, I have decided to expand upon a few thoughts. Here are a few more ideas on the product creation theme. Let me also frame this a little. I am writing from my vantage point as a small solutions company. I chronicle these posts to help me reflect and gain clarity and hopefully others. I see many small businesses struggle with new product creation […]

silver bullet

What Makes a New Product Successful? 1

The Silver Bullet for New Project Success Having been in the new product creation realm for most of my professional career and arguably even before, this is a question I have pondered often.  I have analyzed past successes and failures in painful detail to the point of dreaming about my analysis.  No, wait, those were nightmares and usually over what I considered my failures.  For some reason my mind tends to revisit the failures more often than the successes but that’s a topic for […]

Insider – February 2015

Insider – February 2015 The year is now 1/6th spent.  It is amazing how quickly the time files by and it’s so easy to just slip through the month. A tip I gained years ago is to take the first of each month to revisit the priorities for the month, reflect on last months successes and failures, then pivot where required.  This gives me a very definite moment in time to perform these check-ups and I don’t have to stress whether I will remember […]

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Insider – January 2015

Insider – January 2015 The new year is here and 1/12 spent.  Focus continues to be the operative word and choosing the most viable pivot points for the remainder of the year.  We have developed some fantastic industry relationships this past month and continue to reach out. New “io” Clients A special thank you to our new “io” clients this month and welcome aboard!  We value your business and friendship and we look forward to serving you. You are why we are […]