Thanks for visiting.  In case you are wondering how to pronounce our name, we call ourselves “ee-o-haan”;  odd name,  but we’re serious about software.

  • Connecting “stuff” to the web (IoT)
  • MICROS/Oracle POS (RES 3700/9700/Simphony) SIM Development & Other Services
  • Real-Time Interfaces & Data Conversion

Notice:  Today is Someday.

Have an idea for a new product or perhaps there is a project sitting on your desk waiting for Someday?  Well, we declare today the official “Someday”.  Whether you want our services for a few hours, a few weeks or an entire year, we want to work with you.

Every project may not be a huge world changer, but any solution that makes your life easier or streamlines your day is worthy of consideration and will provide ROI to your business.  That makes your project YOUR world changer and we are excited to help.

Engage us in a quick chat or drop us an email at

Software is our passion and the reason we eagerly come to work each day (or at times are still at it the next day).  We can’t get enough of it and we’re very good at it.  We love Imagineering new solutions.  Hearing “that’s impossible” is like saying sickem to a bulldog and charges our batteries.  Let’s also remember, it’s only impossible because no one has done it yet.

Thanks for your interest in IOIHAN!

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