You Owe It To The Universe



The building blocks of inventions. The catalyst of progress.

There are many folks around us that have fantastic ideas day in and day out. There are others that struggle to have a single idea — well, or so it seems when we observe from the outside.. The truth is far from what we can see.

We are each visited with outstanding ideas but we are either self conscious, afraid, or timid to take those ideas and thoughts forward.

As if we are ashamed that we had an idea or unique thought.

Perhaps we are conditioned to be timid, when we receive these visits of inspiration, from our youth, or perhaps we develop this fear as a self-defense against potential ridicule from those who have quenched our voice in the past.

We owe it to ourselves, our community and in fact to the universe to act upon those ideas — even if that act is just to get the word out to spark others.

Ideas are the foundation of so many positive changes that suppressing them may actually place us at odds with the universe who is trying to enact change and progress around us.

Stuck in your own existence? Your thoughts and ideas may free someone in an equal block — and of course, their ideas may unlock you — we just never know where an idea will lead, where that spark of mental energy will flow and what it will ignite …

We owe it to each other, and the universe, to get our ideas out of our own minds and into the existance …

Get your ideas out … it may just surprise you what will happen.

written by Wolf Scott (2015)
Founding Fellow at IOIHAN

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