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If You Are Scared, Just Say So

I have been reading numerous posts from and about successful people.  Those folks that seem to have their vision firmly fixed and daily pursue their goals with passion.

According to these posts, here are some of the traits of these successful people;

  • Clear vision of their goals
  • Disdain for office politics
  • Desperately want to see ideas come to fruition
  • Prefer to make or enhance the rules
  • Believe nothing is sacred
  • And more …

You can find one of the articles here:  15 Ways Successful People Approach Life Differently

I completely agree with these traits; are these what we as management look for in our people?  Do we encourage independent analysis and thinking?    I would suggest that these type of people are exactly the types we should be seeking to have in our leadership positions.  They are, however, going to be difficult to manage.  They will push the boundaries and question just about everything.  They are most likely going to cause disruption.

Isn’t disruption of processes that are inefficient, lame, or otherwise broken, ripe to be disrupted?  I am certainly not suggesting that we condone poor behavior or rudeness; nor attitudes that are not focused for the corporate good.   Many corporations, however, are so afraid of disruption that they offer these game changes a free pass to the front door.  Managers don’t know how to handle these folks and so the only option is “do your thing, just not here”.  I suppose that is why many of these people are independent business owners.

The challenge is to embrace these folks and their visions for our organizations.  To provide fertile ground for them to disrupt, refine, invent, and repair those products, services and policies that are just lurking under the surface needing attention.  If we don’t do it from within, our competition will help us from without…

And I believe Steve Jobs said it best:  “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do.  We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” — Well said, Steve!

Written by Wolf Scott
Founding Fellow at IOIHAN  www.ioihan.com


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