Software Development

Software development is an ever changing art form and keeping your team on point is more important than ever.  Companies are leveraging partner services to help develop a wider reach of products as well as faster time to market.  Software firms are focusing on the core line of business application and leveraging partner services for web services, reporting, configuration management, and even deep test case development, to name a few.

We are in tune with time, budget, and technology constraints and will work closely with your lead to ensure we are on target with clear expectations and deliverables.  A clear scope of work with defined milestones is a key element to insure a successful project. Each project is scoped and documented to a level fitting its size.

Like other partners our team is highly skilled in the latest technologies.  But unlike other partners we’re very conservative which new technology we unleash on your project.  We are always on the lookout for technology that will bring value to our clients and competitive advantage to our projects.  Far too often new technology is here today and gone this afternoon.  We are quite rigorous in our research to ensure the technology we bring to the table for your solution is stable, well supported and with our best vision effort, going to be around long enough to generate future enhancements and releases.  If you just HAVE to have some new technology we are very excited to do it – in fact, we’ve probably already got an application or two developed with it.  However, a business applications core reason to exist is to provide ROI.   The technology should fit the mission, not the mission to the technology.

Whether you use our services for a small one-off app,  larger multi-tiered application, or perhaps in a more integrated approach, we are eager to help.   We have even helped development shops onsite to get caught up on some lingering details.

Let’s chat about your needs, after all, you are why we are here.

  • Web Applications (on-site and in the Cloud)
  • Interfaces and Conversion (real-time or batch)
  • MICROS SIM Development
  • Web Services
  • Mobile Applications
  • Windows Services & Drivers
  • Windows Desktop Applications
  • QA Services
  • Technical Documentation

A few of our technologies;

  • MICROS Interfaces
  • .NET Framework
  • c/c++ (windows and embedded)
  • c#
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS, AngularJS / VueJS / Express / Mongodb (mongoose)
  • SQL Server (Stored Procedures, queries & reports)
  • Digi / Rabbit Semiconductor / zWorld (Dynamic C)