Micros Corporate

At IOIHAN, we provide development services for the ORACLE/MICROS product line.

Need a custom MICROS SIM to win a deal or to enhance your MICROS POS connected project, drop us a line and let’s chat.  We love MICROS SIM Development!

We also provide other MICROS POS services including online and onsite troubleshooting, database creation, implementation services and other MICROS POS related functions to get you through a crunch, or ongoing to augment your service offerings.

We have over 20 years experience writing solutions that tie in with MICROS POS systems.  In fact, members of our Imagineering team have worked in MICROS R&D crafting innovative solutions.

MICROS Systems

  • MICROS 3700
  • MICROS 9700
  • MICROS Simphony (V1 and V2)


  • MICROS SIM Development
  • MICROS Interfaces

Drop us an email to discuss your project.