You Owe It To The Universe

Ideas! The building blocks of inventions. The catalyst of progress. There are many folks around us that have fantastic ideas day in and day out. There are others that struggle to have a single idea — well, or so it seems when we observe from the outside.. The truth is far from what we can see. We are each visited with outstanding ideas but we are either self conscious, afraid, or timid to take those ideas and thoughts forward. As […]

What Do We Value?

If You Are Scared, Just Say So I have been reading numerous posts from and about successful people.  Those folks that seem to have their vision firmly fixed and daily pursue their goals with passion. According to these posts, here are some of the traits of these successful people; Clear vision of their goals Disdain for office politics Desperately want to see ideas come to fruition Prefer to make or enhance the rules Believe nothing is sacred And more … You […]

3 Was To Screw Up Your Newly Purchased Company 2

3 Ways To Screw Up Your Newly Purchased Company I have been pondering the thought process of corporations, and their acquisition of companies, for several years.  I am perplexed with many actions that follow the signing of the agreements. With all the companies changing hands these days I thought it a good idea (will see how good by how badly I’m flamed) to toss out a few nuggets to chew on; a few items to ponder.  I hope these thoughts […]

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That!

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That! I like this phrase.  It adds a sense of wonder to my day when I find myself uttering it.  It’s the Ah-Ha moment.  I discovered a new trick, tip or method to accomplish a feat.  I make a mental note to remember this tidbit; this amazing fact that gave my day a moment of pause. A sense of giddy childlike glee overcomes me for a brief moment as I soak in the delight of […]

6 Steps To Create Focus

6 Steps To Create Focus There are considerable distractions that face us each day and they often have little to do with the things we need to get accomplished for the success of our business.  As a small business owner now, and as a member of the c-suite club for years before that, I had to juggle staff, managers, and a boss.  As CTO of a software firm, it is my responsibility to ensure the company has the absolute best, most […]

Why Are We In Business? 4

Why are we in business? For any of our regular readers or those actively involved with IOIHAN, you know the end of quarter analysis can take any number of forms.  It appears this quarter is one of a more internal nature. Why are we in business and I suppose more importantly, why am I in this business?   This analysis is always a great exercise and was beneficial for me in the past even as an employee. At first glance, […]