Introducing a1Proto



The a1Proto team has been working diligently to get a1Proto setup and launched and we are happy to announce that it is online and operational.  We have partnered with Waveshare in becoming their US distributor and look forward to expanding our coverage of their entire product line.  Waveshare provides outstanding products and support and we are proud to have them as our partner. We will continue to expand our product offerings to support Makers and the emerging IoT space.

Angela Burrage and Marcus Hairston have put in some long hours and have done an outstanding job creating a valuable resource for Makers.  Angela is leading the charge, running the daily operations and ensuring we provide the absolute best service possible.

A1 Proto can be found at; Items are also available for purchase on eBay and Bonanza.

“Helping Makers Create What Does Not Yet Exist”

Happy making!

Wolf Scott, founding fellow @ IOIHAN and co-founder @ a1Proto

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