Getting equipment and systems to integrate smoothly can be a challenging task.  Mix in computer systems and the frustrating just compounded.  Let IOIHAN help.  We’ve been doing interfaces between computer systems, control systems and peripherals for over 20 years;

Things like RFID, Barcode, Magcard and other such devices and even to Vending Machines, POS Systems,  industrial scales and control systems.   It’s still hard, but we can help navigate the landscape.  Give us a call or send us an email to start a dialog about your project.

  • SQL Server Data Integrations (Import and Export)
  • POS System Integrations
  • Heartland Payment Systems (SnapPay) Vending Machine Interface
  • Answers On Demand (AOD) – Custom Data Exports
  • CounterPoint Point Of Sale Integrations
  • MICROS POS Interfaces
  • MICROS Custom Integrations  (MICROS SIM and Custom Development)
    • MICROS 3700
    • MICROS 9700
    • MICROS Simphony
  • RFID Proximity Card Readers
  • Magnetic Card Readers
  • Barcode Readers
  • POS Roll Printers (EPSON TM-88 Series and others)
  • Custom Data Terminals (Computerwize and others)
  • Serial Communications (rs-232/rs-422)
  • Network TCP/IP Communications
  • Sensors; freezer monitoring, room occupancy, and lots more