I Didn’t Know You Could Do That!


I Didn’t Know You Could Do That!

I like this phrase.  It adds a sense of wonder to my day when I find myself uttering it.  It’s the Ah-Ha moment.  I discovered a new trick, tip or method to accomplish a feat.  I make a mental note to remember this tidbit; this amazing fact that gave my day a moment of pause. A sense of giddy childlike glee overcomes me for a brief moment as I soak in the delight of my discovery.

Adopting a learning attitude helps attract these moments in heightened frequency.  It seems when we inform the universe of our desire to be amazed, intrigued, and filled with wonder that nature steps up and completes the order.   To this day, it remains one of the more delightful mysteries I have encountered.

In business, however, it can be a double-edged sword.  If we find ourselves uttering this phrase in response to a competitor’s market advancement the results will leave a sting.  If we whisper the phrase after reading a competitor’s proposal from a lost sale it will leave a bite.   Loosing a valuable team member to another company because we neglected to recognize a hidden talent or skill they deeply desired to utilize will cause an ache not soon forgotten.  We didn’t know they could do that!

As we journey the corridors of our homes, businesses, and fields we should slow down, and be present where we are.  We have not tomorrow, nor yesterday; we have now.  And in the now is the only place we can exist.  Worrying about the future or regretting the past transports our mind to those non-existent locations and we are nowhere; only now exists.

So see Now, smell Now, taste Now, feel Now – live NOW – Did you know you could do that?


Written by Wolf Scott
Founding Fellow at IOIHAN  www.ioihan.com

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