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Dreams Remembered

Dreams Remembered I recount as a young lad having dreams of success and happiness.  Those were limited dreams, restrained by the exposure of a shielded and unexposed young man not privy to the possibilities of what life could offer.  Those dreams were subdued by the responsibilities of raising a family, meeting social obligations, and making sure I didn’t overstep my boundaries.  I recall several occasions being reeled back down to my place by friends and family — all meaning to […]

Your Button, Your Price, Your Goal?

Your Button, Your Price, Your Goal? Sitting here waiting for some processes to complete on my PC I have been thinking.  A scary thing sometimes.  But, in this case the title of this post occurred to me and while I was pondering the thought I figured I would share. Some folks focus on their Button – It seems they wait for someone to press it so they can react.  Often they seem to wait for the opportunity to react badly […]

Vue.js Setting Boolean Prop Defaults

Vue.js Boolean Prop Defaults Vue.js is great.  Simple, quick and to the point.  But, I struggled with this issue for a while trying to get this to work and figured I would share.  It would “appear” to work, then not behave as I would expect.  It was as if a gremlin was in the works.  I moved the element from props into the Data region and it worked every time (other than the fact that I couldn’t set it as […]

Disable Windows 10 Auto Restart “Feature”

Disable Windows 10 Auto Restart “Feature” 15-Oct-17 Wolf Scott I have been really enjoying this Windows 10 Auto Restart “Feature” so thoughtfully provided by a company that specializes in server products and developer tools.  I find it most convenient to have all my running tests abruptly terminated, my database server shut down and my web services taken offline such that other process I had running now fail.  Besides that being a great testing tool to ensure your OTHER services handle […]

Introducing a1Proto

a1Proto The a1Proto team has been working diligently to get a1Proto setup and launched and we are happy to announce that it is online and operational.  We have partnered with Waveshare in becoming their US distributor and look forward to expanding our coverage of their entire product line.  Waveshare provides outstanding products and support and we are proud to have them as our partner. We will continue to expand our product offerings to support Makers and the emerging IoT space. […]

You Owe It To The Universe

Ideas! The building blocks of inventions. The catalyst of progress. There are many folks around us that have fantastic ideas day in and day out. There are others that struggle to have a single idea — well, or so it seems when we observe from the outside.. The truth is far from what we can see. We are each visited with outstanding ideas but we are either self conscious, afraid, or timid to take those ideas and thoughts forward. As […]